How to Spy On WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

In this digital era, millions of users are using WhatsApp to always keep in touch with their loved ones. This messaging app lets users exchange messages, take calls, and even share media content. Since it keeps everyone connected, I understand that WhatsApp spying on it is necessary since it helps worried parents, spouses, or employers keep their nearest and dearest safe.

My brother is a happy-go-lucky boy, but suddenly he started looking depressed and stopped interacting with me. I tried talking to him, but he refused to share anything. I was worried and thought of spying into his WhatsApp messages to figure out what’s bothering him.

If you are also in the same situation, spying on WhatsApp messages is your choice. Hence, let’s read and find out how to spy on WhatsApp messages without the target phone?


For whatever reason you need to spy on WhatsApp of your family, friends, or staff, spy apps can help you to reveal all your doubts.

#1 – MSPY

One of the best apps I prefer is mSpy. This official WhatsApp spy tool allows you to track your concerned person’s activities remotely. Along with the app’s advanced features, round the clock availability of its exceptional customer service made it the top choice among users.


• Monitoring Calls
mSpy allows you to keep track of all the calls made and received on WhatsApp. You can easily view the complete call log on the mSpy Control Panel.

• Reading Messages
Whether WhatsApp messages are sent or received, you can view all conversations through the mSpy dashboard remotely. You can also see the recipient’s names as well as timestamps. Moreover, mSpy also allows you to view the deleted messages.

• Viewing Multimedia Files
You can easily monitor all the pictures and videos shared through WhatsApp Messenger.


If you wish to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages, here are steps you should do.

• Purchase a subscription
Select the package that is ideal for your budget and requirements. Then, fill in your personal details in the order form. Once the payment is complete, a confirmation message is sent to you via email. This email will contain the setup instructions.

• Install software
Complete the installation by following all the steps given in the email. The process can get completed within several minutes.

• Start monitoring
Once the installation process completes, feel free to monitor your target person’s WhatsApp.


When you are looking for the WhatsApp spy online tool, SpyBubble is the best tool that I think will fit your requirements and serve the purpose. This mobile monitoring software is compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing you to spy on someone’s WhatsApp.


• Tracking messages
You can track all WhatsApp conversations of the target user using SpyBubble. With such software, you can read individual and group chats, and even get names and numbers of contacts.

• GPS Location and Geofencing
Ensure that your target person is not in any danger by knowing about their whereabouts with the GPS location facility remotely. Moreover, you can also set virtual areas and get informed when your user crosses those preset zones.

• Tracking Calls
You can easily track all the incoming and outgoing calls on WhatsApp of your target phone remotely. You can access all, from the call logs to duration.


• Purchase a subscription
Pick the package that fits your budget and requirements well. Then, fill in the subscription form by providing the required details.

• Setup process
Download the application on the target user’s mobile device to access it from any browser.

• Start monitoring
Once the installation process completes, you’ll be able to monitor all your target’s WhatsApp activities.


MobileSpy is software that was designed to spy on family members. Download the WhatsApp spyware free to know about your family’s whereabouts and keep them protected.


• Tracking Calls and Messages
Keep track of all the incoming and outgoing messages and calls along with the related data on WhatsApp. This includes contact name, duration, date, and time of each call and message.

• Monitoring Multimedia Files
This WhatsApp tracker lets you monitor all shared media, including pictures, screenshots, and videos.

• GPS Location and Geofencing
This feature keeps you informed about your target person’s actual location.


If you wish to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, all you have to do is create an account, select a package that fits your needs well, and set to track your target user’s WhatsApp activity.


If you wish to catch a cheating spouse, monitor your employees, or track your kids’ WhatsApp activities, TheTruthSpy is your choice. All you have to do is take less than 5 minutes to make the software work.


• Tracking GPS Location
You can track your employee, spouse, or kids’ exact location to ensure any wrong move.

• Spying on Messages, Calls and Multimedia Files
View the entire message and call conversations done through WhatsApp and find out the name your target person is conversing with. You also get access to the time and date of each conversation. All this information can be easily accessed from any place where an Internet connection is available.

• Free Keylogger
This feature records every stroke that target person types in their cell phone. Hence, using this service, you can find out their passwords on WhatsApp.


• Disable Play Protect
Before downloading and installing TheTruthSpy, it is necessary to disable Play Protect. This will prevent Google Play Service from detecting the spy app and let it work silently in the background.

• Disable Play Store notifications
It is necessary to avoid any warnings from the Play Store, that otherwise might appear randomly. However, disabling notifications won’t disable the Play Store or affect any normal application updating.

• Download and install TheTruthSpy
Download the application from the official website and install it. When prompted, enable all the permissions and create your account. Then, delete the browsing history and the installation file from the device. That’s all; now you can monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity.


This powerful monitoring software helps you detect everything on your target phone remotely. You can use this app for employee monitoring and parental control. When you think of how to spy on WhatsApp for free, try this app. Once installed, it allows taking complete control of your target device.


• Monitoring Calls and Messages
Listen to live or record phone calls of your target device, and read messages or stickers sent and received on WhatsApp. You will also have access to the photos and videos taken with the target device.

• Tracking Device Location
You can get a bird’s eye view to all the recent locations of the target user with this GPS navigation feature. It helps you ensure that your kids are safe, or your employees are not going to any unauthorized locations that can pose a threat to your business.


The software is compatible with both Android and iPhone. But some of the features of WhatsApp spy Android app are not supported by certain Android versions. Hence, you must check it once with the official site to avoid any trouble later.


If you wish to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, you must know that all the process is hassle-free and takes just a few minutes of your time. Just follow the following steps:
·   Check the device’s compatibility.
·   Select the package.
·   Get physical access to the device.
·   Download and install the software.
·   Create your account.
·   Track your target user’s WhatsApp remotely.


You might have a number of reasons to spy on someone’s WhatsApp. It can be monitoring your kids for keeping them protected. You may want to spy on your spouse WhatsApp to test their loyalty. Moreover, you may wish to keep an eye on your employee’s suspicious activities; the reason can be any. For whatever reason you want to spy on your target person’s WhatsApp, the above spy apps will surely fit your budget and requirements. Such apps as mSpy will keep you worry-free, and keep your nearest safe and protected.

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